Baylor Hospital


Baylor Hospital is a name synonymous with excellent, compassionate health care. In that spirit, Baylor came to U.S. Energy Lighting not only reduce their overhead and maintenance costs, but to improve visibility around their buildings and parking lots.

A hospital never sleeps, and Baylor’s Fort Worth location often saw overnight patients, visitors, and staff. During our energy audit, we recognized that the premises were dimly lit by low-wattage metal halide systems.

Scheduling our conversion to minimize disruption to medical services, we switched out more than 200 light fixtures, reducing energy demands by 75%. More importantly, we significantly increased lumen output and lighting quality. Visitors and employees felt safer in brighter pathways and parking lots, and the building was recognizable from a distance. With durable and cost-effective LED lights, Baylor will pay no maintenance costs for the next 10 years.

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