Cortland – Chisholm Trail


Cortland – Chisholm Trail had a real opportunity — not only to reduce their operating costs — but to significantly increase lightening brightness and safety for residents.

We replaced the lighting with LED lighting, increasing visibility and reducing total kWh consumption. LEDs are especially effective in outdoor applications due to their exceptional longevity (expected to last more than 25 years). With a 10 year warranty, annual maintenance costs for Chisholm Trail will be close to zero for the next decade.

We retrofitted fixtures with LED kits. What does this mean? As you’ll see in the video, the LED kits provide drastically improved light quality while maintaining the look of the original fixtures — all at a substantially reduced energy usage rate. Using less energy is just as good for the environment as it is for your bottom line: the decreased energy consumption translates to a reduction in CO2 emissions. 


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