Going green has been the biggest movement in construction — and in the minds of the general public — in the last decade. And upgrading lighting systems provides the greatest return on investment of any energy-saving initiative.

It’s hard to separate the benefit to your business and the benefit to the environment. The simple truth is that LED systems use a fraction of the energy required by older technologies. LED bulbs also last 25 years or more. That translates into meaningful benefits in both the short and long term.

We believe strongly in sustainable practices, and strive to make our processes as green as possible at every stage of a project. We are a certified recycler, and we install Energy Star products from reliable manufacturers.


It is our mission to save you money. Beyond long-term energy savings, we want to see our customers rewarded for taking the initiative to go green. That’s why we guarantee utility incentives. They’re written into our contract, and deducted directly from your invoice.

U.S. Energy Lighting is an approved, certified sponsor for utilities throughout the United States. We provide all documentation, certifications, and federal tax incentives (EPACT 2005). Our hands-on approach means we file the paperwork for you, accurately and punctually, with no management fee. All rebates go directly to our customers.


The right lighting not only saves money, but can also save lives. Inadequate lighting in parking lots or sidewalks can lead to serious liability cases, and poorly lit working conditions can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. U.S. Energy Lighting is committed to providing safer environments for every category of private and public facility.

LEDs are especially well suited for outdoor applications: each bulb’s lifespan is up to 25x the life of a halogen bulb; they instantly illuminate the designated area (unlike the delayed warm up of most CFLs); and they emit much less heat during use. Moreover, their design and small size makes them durable against the elements and ideal for tight spaces. The result? A safer work environment for both the short and long term.

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