Sidewalks, walkways, or parking lots — exterior lighting serves both an aesthetic and practical function. Not only is it a matter of safety and corporate responsibility, but research shows that a poorly lit property may also receive less traffic during the day. And solving the problem with conventional lighting systems can quickly add up to high utility bills.

Upon visual inspection and appraisal of your outdoor lighting needs, our experienced design team works closely with all important stakeholders to deliver a customized solution. We strongly believe that better lighting and reduced costs are mutually achievable goals. Experience shows that lighting system upgrades, especially prolonged-use, high wattage outdoor lighting, provides businesses the greatest return on investment and faster payback than any other energy upgrade.

We’ll help you light your facility while cutting down utility costs — and make sure all rebates and credits come back to you.

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Indoor lighting improves workers’ efficiency, prevents accidents, and boosts morale. Countless studies (and, most likely, your own personal experience) show that strategically managed indoor lighting significantly impacts a person’s cognitive abilities, emotional well-being, and productivity.

U.S. Energy Lighting has designed and implemented some of the nation’s largest retrofitting interior lighting projects, and our vast experience has taught us:

  1. Every project needs to be cost effective. We achieve this through lower monthly utility bills and helping our customers maximize their local and federal rebates.
  2. The lighting solutions must fit the space, and the needs of the business. Our experienced designers, project managers, and workers are directly employed, and share our company’s commitment to quality.

We service all major industries, including commercial, industrial, institutional, government, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and distribution buildings.

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